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Ms Dina Ceniza

Auckland, NZ

Address : New Windsor, Auckland 0600

Email : buteyko@thebreatheclinic.com

Website : www.thebreatheclinic.com

Location : New Zealand

Mobile : 021 288 3958

Tel : 021 BUTEYKO


After being hospitalised twice in one week in May 2013 because of my asthma, I knew I needed to make a change. I was already on steroid inhalers, ventolin, nasal spray, and antihistamines, yet my condition was not improving. It was time to do something more to help myself. I changed GPs and my new GP recommended that I try Buteyko. I felt relief within a week of the course. With my GP’s help I successfully tapered off my asthma and allergy medications within 9 months of the Buteyko course. I have not needed to take any medication for my asthma since. My husband and children have all had the same success with the programme; not needing any asthma or allergy medication since completing the course. The elimination of my husband’s snoring was a very welcome improvement! After that success, I got my parents on the course too. They have been able to resolve issues with high blood pressure, insomnia and breathlessness. My mother has successfully tapered off her blood pressure medication with the help of her GP within a year of the course. When I saw s the improvement in my family’s health conditions, I knew that I had to train to be a Buteyko practitioner and help more people attain better health. In Buteyko, I satisfy the meeting of my two passions: health and teaching.