Practitioner Training

All registered members of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health (BIBH) have satisfied the academic and practical standards required for accreditation.

BIBH registered practitioners teach the Buteyko Institute Method of breathing re-training. They are subject to codes of conduct and practice, teaching and training standards and mechanisms for feedback.

The BIBH Practitioner Training Program is a comprehensive program covering all academic and practical aspects required for accreditation with the BIBH. It is completed in two stages.

You will also find contact details for practitioner trainers, if you are interested in becoming a Buteyko Institute member and practitioner.

Stage 1: Trainee Practitioner

The Trainee Practitioner is assigned to a Practitioner Trainer. Study modules and theoretical assessments are completed. The study objectives include an understanding of: breathing (normal and dysfunctional), asthma and other respiratory disorders, physiology and biochemistry, asthma reliever and preventer medications, the history of Professor Buteyko’s work and subsequent application of his methods.

During Stage 1 the Trainee Practitioner observes and assists the Practitioner Trainer in the teaching of the Buteyko Institute Method. The Trainee Practitioner may only teach under the full supervision of a Practitioner Trainer. Trainee Practitioners will observe a minimum of 50 new clients being taught the Buteyko Institute Method and will be able to observe the progress of other clients attending follow up appointments.

On the completion of Stage 1 Trainee Practitioners will have an understanding of the Buteyko Institute Method and how to teach it. They will be able to assess, monitor and support clients on the program.

Stage 2: Associate Practitioner

On satisfactory completion of Stage 1 the status of Associate Practitioner member of the BIBH is awarded. The Associate Practitioner remains in close contact with the Practitioner Trainer through this period though teaches independently and unsupervised. An Associate Practitioner must abide by the Associate Practitioner Code of Practice restricting the complexity of the health status of clients taught.

Further theoretical assessments must be satisfactorily completed during this stage and a minimum of 50 clients taught, with their case notes provided to the Practitioner Trainer. In order to be registered as a full practitioner member of the BIBH the Practitioner Trainer must be satisfied that the Associate Practitioner has successfully fulfilled all accreditation requirements.

Ongoing support and training

The Practitioner Trainer will continue to provide phone support and further practical training as requested for a period of 15 months. In addition to academic and practical coursework, information on how to run a Buteyko practice, including marketing and promotion, will be covered.