Buteyko Method

The Buteyko Institute Method (BIM) is a breathing retraining program which may provide significant improvement of symptoms for many people with asthma, sleep disordered breathing and other breathing related conditions.
The BIM is scientifically based. It is based on the standard medical principles of respiration, the normalisation of breathing, and the Bohr effect.

How do you learn BIM?

The first thing to do is contact a certified BIBH breathing educator.
Following your initial assessment you will be guided by your practitioner who will help you to normalise your breathing patterns. The BIM cannot be learned by self-instruction kits (video, DVD, books).

What does the BIM involve?

The BIM is a health education program which is offered as a course consisting of a minimum of 5 ninety-minute sessions within ten days plus scheduled review sessions. Most courses involve small groups, but some BIM Practitioners offer private sessions. The courses are offered in person and also via Skype.

The BIM is a program of breathing exercises and posture, health and lifestyle guidelines to support a functional breathing pattern. Practitioners review each client’s symptoms and relevant aspects of their breathing pattern. They focus on posture, rhythm, rate and pattern of breathing, as well as the use of the diaphragm, the ability to nose breathe and the prevalence of hyper-ventilation. The program is tailored to address the client’s specific needs.

In addition to the breathing exercises taught by their practitioner, clients also learn how to monitor their breathing while engaging in daily activities.

The breathing exercises are designed to help normalise the breathing pattern and restore comfortable, natural nasal breathing.

Clients are advised not to make any changes to prescribed medication, or treatments without first consulting their prescribing medical/health practitioner. However, people who are taking medication, such as for asthma may find that as their breathing improves they need less medication. However, they are advised not to change any prescribed medication without consulting their doctor.


There are many improvements in health to be gained by completing a BIM course, depending on current health status and problems. Included among these improvements may be:

  • Improvement in quality of life
  • Increased stamina and energy
  • Improved ability to exercise
  • Enhanced sports performance
  • Improved ability to cope with stress
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduction in snoring
  • Improvement in sleep quality and tiredness for people with sleep apnoea
  • Reduction in the use of CPAP machines
  • Reduced nasal congestion
  • Reduction in hay fever symptoms
  • Reduction in asthma symptoms
  • Reduction in need for asthma relief medication
  • Improved tolerance of asthma triggers
  • Reduction in allergic reactions
  • Reduction in anxiety or panic attacks
  • Less susceptibility to colds and flu
  • Fewer headaches

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