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Mr Glenn White

Auckland and North Island

Address : Buteyko Breathing Clinic, 20 Arthur Street Freemans Bay, Auckland 1011

Email : glenn@buteykobreathing.nz

Website : www.buteykobreathing.nz

Location : New Zealand

Mobile :

Tel : 64 9 360 6291


In 2000, I nearly died twice. I'd suffered a life-time of asthma and daily medication but these two asthma attacks forced me to take action. A friend had told me about Buteyko. Seven days later I was sitting in one of Russell Stark’s classes. Two days after starting the course I was asthma-free. I have been symptom-free and drug-free since walking out of that course in 2000. As a science graduate, and with 25 years experience in the applied science of geology, I investigated how the method worked. I could not understand why Buteyko was not mainstream medical practice. With my own health returned, I wanted to share Buteyko with others. I gave up a 20-year career in mineral exploration to train as a Buteyko practitioner. I now teach Buteyko in Auckland and New Zealand wide. I hold regular monthly classes, run free public seminars and have spoken to health professionals at tertiary institutions and conferences throughout New Zealand. I also write regularly to magazines and new papers about developments in the field of Buteyko. There is growing public awareness of Buteyko in New Zealand with the publication of two New Zealand Buteyko trials. I joined a one-month practitioner training program in Havana, Cuba in 2004. Buteyko was taught to 220 local asthma sufferers including 140 children. Fourteen new practitioners also began training. I am working with a growing number of medical practitioners committed to helping reduce the burden of breathing disorders like asthma in New Zealand and worldwide. Glenn White BSc MSc MBIBH Accredited Buteyko Practitioner (Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health)