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Ms Lea-Anne Smith

Toowoomba, SE Qld, Australia

Address : 20 Crockers Road Westbrook, QLD 4350

Email : lea-anne@breathevitality.com.au

Website : www.breathevitality.com.au

Location : Australia

Mobile : 0417 017 892

Tel : 07 4630 6015


Lea-Anne started her professional life as a registered nurse, eventually specialising in cardiac care and cardiac rehabilitation – helping cardiac patients get back on their feet with monitored exercise programs, along with dietary and other lifestyle changes such as stress management and smoking cessation. She commenced several cardiac rehabilitation services during her time as a registered nurse, and pioneered the first home based cardiac rehabilitation program for rural residents in Australia. However on a personal level she had struggled with asthma and chronic cough since her teenage years, along with hay fever, frequent colds and flus and bronchitis. In 2004 she was forced to take action as her chronic cough had her on a truckload of medication and it was severely affecting her quality of life. Her efforts to take control of her own health led her to discover Buteyko breathing, and she joined a Buteyko workshop that transformed her life. “Within 3 days I was off half my medication and feeling better than I had felt in months.” Thirteen years later she no longer suffers with the constant colds, flus and hay fever that dominated the first half of her life, and her asthma and chronic cough are gone. As a bonus, her exercise tolerance increased as well. Because of the success Lea-Anne enjoyed personally with Buteyko and her interest in helping people take charge of their own health she retrained as a Buteyko Practitioner with Brian Firth in 2016. She enjoys seeing people reclaim their health and has a special interest in working with children. “Working with kids gives you the opportunity to change a life forever – correcting breathing problems in childhood helps children develop healthier and larger airways. This means wider and more beautiful faces, and reduces the child’s risk of snoring and sleep apnoea later in life. Breathing retraining is the one simple thing a parent can do to set their child up for better health right through life.” In addition she has a special interest in helping those with asthma and also those with anxiety attacks. Lea-Anne has established a small practice in Toowoomba and is working with local dentists who have an interest in the holistic care of dental problems caused by faulty breathing, such as crooked teeth.