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Paul Rodriguez

Altona, Victoria

Address : 246 Civic Parade Altona, Victoria 3018

Email : paul@learntosleepwell.com

Website : www.learntosleepwell.com

Location : Australia

Mobile : 0400 022 535

Tel :


In 2017 Paul obtained a Certificate in the Buteyko Breathing Method with Buteyko Professionals International. He is also a Fellow of that organization. In the same year he trained with Paul O’Connell and became an Associate Practitioner with Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health so that he can teach people the enduring health benefits of Buteyko Breathing. Paul had obstructive sleep apnoea for many decades. However he only consciously became aware of problems with his sleep about 10 years ago when his condition became severe. For many years he endured a lesser quality of life as he struggled with poor sleep and its adverse health effects. He regularly suffered headaches, had low energy levels, suffered a brief period of anxiety and depression and often found it difficult to concentrate. Once Paul’s severe obstructive sleep apnoea was diagnosed following a sleep study he began his journey of discovery. That journey led him to undergo both conventional and unconventional medical treatments. He learned that the underlying cause of his sleep apnoea related to his breathing. Upon undergoing a course in Buteyko Breathing Paul experienced significant improvement in his ability to control his obstructive sleep apnoea. The health benefits Paul obtained from changing his breathing have been permanent. In 2014 Paul published his book “Breathless Sleep…no more”. It is a memoir of his life struggle with obstructive sleep apnoea and his liberation from CPAP and ill health. He also established a website and blog at www.learntosleepwell.com He also practises mindfulness meditation and a little yoga.