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Professor Konstantin Buteyko

“While we mourn Professor Buteyko's death, we acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of this great man, who has made such a difference to the lives of so many people”.

Members of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health.

Professor Konstantin Buteyko, the Russian doctor who developed a breathing method to overcome asthma and other breathing disorders, died in Moscow on Friday May 2, 2003, aged 80.

Professor Buteyko was born into the small farming community of Ivanitsa (about 150km from Kiev) on January 27, 1923. In 1946, he enrolled into the First Medical Institute in Moscow to train as a medical doctor. In 1953 Buteyko was given a practical assignment which involved monitoring patients' breathing, and spent hundred of hours recording their breathing.

During this time, Professor Buteyko discovered that incorrect breathing caused a range of health problems. Thereafter, most of his professional life was devoted to researching and refining the breathing method which has helped thousands of people throughout the world to overcome their asthma and other breathing conditions.

Alexander Stalmatski, a Buteyko Practitioner and former student of Professor Buteyko, took the method to Australia in 1990, the first western country to use the Buteyko method. Many thousands of people worldwide have since benefited from the method which Professor Buteyko developed.

The Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health is the professional body representing the Buteyko Institute Method and its practitioners throughout the world. Buteyko Institute practitioners from many countries had the privilege of meeting Professor Buteyko on one of the few trips he made to the West, at the first International Buteyko conference in New Zealand in 2000. Following the conference Professor Buteyko became the Patron of the BIBH, and remained so until his death in May 2003.

We are grateful to the Professor and his family for traveling to New Zealand in 2000, enabling many of us to thank him personally for the tremendous benefits we have received by applying the BIM to our own health, for our families and for all those to whom we have taught the Method. Without knowledge of his work and discoveries our lives would have continued to be a daily struggle.

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