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Other Conditions

Asthma | The Buteyko Institute Method of breathing training was originally known for its role in the management of asthma. The primary aim of the program is normalisation of the breathing pattern. With breathing training, many clients may experience a decrease in symptom frequency and find that application of the breathing techniques they learn in the course may help them to overcome symptoms. Symptom improvement and medication reduction have been demonstrated in published Buteyko studies. | Read more about Asthma

Blocked nose | One of the most common presenting symptoms amongst participants in a Buteyko course is a partially or fully blocked nose. It is also one of the earliest symptoms to respond to the breathing exercises. Many people find they can nasal breathe after the first course session, some for the first time in years. | Read more about Blocked nose

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME | Often there is no apparent cause for this very debilitating condition, in which many people suffer from chronic exhaustion and muscle and joint pains, regardless of the amount of sleep or rest. Improving a dysfunctional breathing pattern may assist in improving oxygenation to the cells and tissues of the body. Some people suffering from this condition have been able to achieve improvement in their health and increased energy levels through learning the BIM. | Read more about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME

Dental/Orthodontic | Dentists and orthodontists recognise chronic mouth breathing as a significant contributor to poor oral hygiene and orthodontic problems. Buteyko training helps clients to re-establish nasal breathing. | Read more about Dental/Orthodontic

Emphysema, COPD, Breathlessness | A diagnosis of emphysema indicates that damage has occurred to delicate tissues of the lung - the alveoli. There are numerous of these small, elastic walled air sacs in the lungs. They are critical to efficient oxygen exchange. The severity of the condition will depend on the extent of damage to the alveoli. | Read more about Emphysema, COPD, Breathlessness

Panic and Anxiety | Hyperventilation (over breathing) and anxiety form a 'vicious circle', one leading to the other. The process may be 'pushed' or initiated from either end. In one person they will experience anxiety which then leads to hyperventilation, another person will hyperventilate leading to feelings of rising anxiety and/or panic. | Read more about Panic and Anxiety

Sleep Apnoea | Sleep apnoea is a condition characterised by 'stopping breathing' for more than 10 seconds at a time while asleep, together with reduction in blood oxygen levels. Sleep apnoea is usually diagnosed by a polysomnograph or 'sleep study' | Read more about Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Disturbances/Snoring | Disturbed breathing and disturbed sleep go hand in hand. | Read more about Sleep Disturbances/Snoring

Sports Performance | In our highly competitive world, sports performance is highly prized. For many it is a fulltime career. A primary goal of every athlete is to achieve optimal potential. Efficient breathing is essential for achieving this goal and an increasing number of athletes are now incorporating Buteyko into their training program. | Read more about Sports Performance


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