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Latest News

News and articles about Buteyko and BIBH members.

Buteyko trials show drop in asthma medication use
Source: Medical Observer (Australia), 26 July 2002 (Friday, July 26, 2002)

Buteyko trial shows drop in asthma medication use
Therapy - by Rada Rouse

Article reproduced by permission from Medical Observer (Australia), 26 July 2002.
Early results from the world's largest trial of the Buteyko breathing method for asthma management show that almost all participants used less reliever and preventer medication after six months of therapy.
Jill McGowan, a former GP practice nurse and university lecturer, is conducting a self-funded, randomised controlled trial among 600 people aged 18 to 75 years with mild to severe asthma recruited from primary care and hospital clinics in Glasgow, Scotland.
Ms McGowan will tell the 2nd International Buteyko Asthma Conference in Melbourne this weekend that trial participants receiving the instruction had reduced symptoms, improved quality of life and participation in sports activity at six months - that this was sustained at 12 months.
Those receiving the instruction had increased participation in sports activity, reduced symptoms and improved quality of life at six months.
Among the active Buteyko group, almost all the participants (98%) reduced use of reliever medication, 92% decreased their use of preventer medication, and 96% used less oral preventer preparations. All people in this group stopped using oral reliever preparations. The size of decrease in medication use was uncertain, however.
No significant changes were seen in the placebo group, which received conventional asthma management by a practice nurse, or in the control group, which sought help and advice as required.
In response to the early results of the two-year trial, the British Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health has asked the National Institute for Clinical Excellence, which issues therapeutic guidelines to consider including the Buteyko method in future technology appraisals programs for the UK.

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Buteyko trials show drop in asthma medication use
Medical Observer (Australia), 26 July 2002 (Friday, July 26, 2002)

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