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Latest News

News and articles about Buteyko and BIBH members.

Jill McGowan: Great Scot Award 2001, Pride of Britain 2002
Source: (Friday, January 4, 2002)
Link: http://www.wikilovesisrael.com

Jill McGowan MN, Dip CPN, RGN,
RNMH, FPC, Dip Asthma COPD

Lecturer/ Nurse Consultant

BIBH member Jill McGowan from
Glasgow, Scotland has been the recipient of 2 major
awards in the United Kingdom. Both of these awards
are in recognition of her outstanding work on the
worlds largest ever clinical trial of the Buteyko
Institute Method for people with asthma. Since
early September 2001, Jill has been prominently
featured in the media in the UK and Australia - on
television, in newspapers and magazines, and in
raido interviews. The next major event for Jill and
her colleagues is the Buteyko Institute Trust
Charity Ball to be held at the Marriot Hotel in
Glasgow on 3 May (World Asthma Day). Jill has
organised this event for the last 2 years to raise
funds to make the Buteyko Institute Method more
widely available to people and to enable ongoing

Jill received the Pride of Britain
"Carer of the Year" Award at a glittering ceremony
on 5 March at the London Hilton Hotel. Dozens of
celebrities including Sir Richard Branson, Sir Paul
McCartney, Sting, Joan Collins and Cilla Black were
present at the ceremony. Jill was presented with
her award in recognition of her extraordinary
conviction in her work, by taking the unprecedented
decision to sell her home to fund the research
after a three year attempt at applying for funding
had been fruitless. Jill was featured on a
documentary of the Pride of Britain Awards which
was shown on London Weekend Television on 4

Jill was also presented with the
Great Scot Award 2001 on 15 September last
year.This is a national award in Scotland for
outstanding achievement by an individual in the
community. It is known in Scotland as "the Peoples
Oscar". Jill was one of 10 finalists who attended a
gala presentation dinner in Glasgow with many
Scottish dignatories present and Prince Charles
(unable to attend for security reasons due to world
events) addressing the dinner on video. Jill was
nominated for the award by a woman on the Glasgow
Clinical Trial. Each of the 10 finalists had a 3
minute video of themselves and their work screened
at the ceremony.replica Christian Louboutin

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(Tuesday, April 24, 2007)

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Medical Observer (Australia), 26 July 2002 (Friday, July 26, 2002)

Jill McGowan: Great Scot Award 2001, Pride of Britain 2002
(Friday, January 4, 2002)

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