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Roger L. Price

 B.Sc. Pharm Hons. (Rhodes)Dip. Pharmacol. (Colorado)M.A.T.M.S. M.B.I.B.H.Respiratory Exercise Physiologist,Member of the International Association for Orthodontics (IAO), Buteyko Institute Practitioner Trainer, Certified Breathing Practitioner (Colorado), Certificate of Integrative Medicine, Queensland University
Buteyko Applied Breathing Centres Pty Ltd
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Roger started his training as a pharmacist in the mid 1950ís and went on to further study in many fields of health management, both orthodox as well as naturally based.

With a medical background spanning some 50 years, a wealth of experience as a lecturer, locally as well as on the international circuit, Roger is one of only 6 registered Practitioner Trainers with the Buteyko Institute worldwide.
He founded Buteyko Applied Breathing Centres in 2000 and has developed this into a National cooperative organisation to support the Practitioners who come through his training program.

He is an acknowledged authority on the implementation of the Buteyko Method in the management of dental and orthodontic problems and has written specific programs for the dental and orthodontic professions. Roger is a registered member of the International Association for Orthodontics, a world-wide organisation devoted to the management of dental and facial abnormalities in children and adults. With the total acceptance by the dental profession that mouth-breathing is the major cause of crowded mouths and narrowed jaws, the specialised children's dental program designed by Applied Breathing Centres, has been recognised by the IAO as a viable and effective way of helping to restore facial balance and prevent the need for costly and complicated orthodontic intervention in later life. Mouth-breathing is also one of the major contributors to upper respiratory tract infections, ear and hearing problems and asthma attacks.
Roger is a regular lecturer and presenter at Dental and Orthodontic Conferences worldwide.
He is a skilled and entertaining trainer and presenter and is able to motivate people to achieve their maximum potential.
This caters to a wide range of individuals, with a wide variety of conditions, and multiple learning styles and requirements.
Buteyko Applied Breathing Centres runs regular courses throughout Queensland and New South Wales, trains practitioners in other States and countries and is at the forefront of the development of specialised teaching and training programs.

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