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Training of Buteyko Institute Method Practitioners is undertaken by BIBH-accredited Trainers.

Contact the trainer(s) listed below for further information about becoming a Practitioner.

Buteyko Trainer: Tess Graham
BSc (UNSW) Grad. Dip. Phty Dip. Buteyko Method (Moscow), Physiotherapist, Buteyko Breathing Therapist, Sports Breathing Coach

Available for training in: Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Founding member and inaugural Chief Executive Officer (1996-2000) of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health Inc.

Tess Graham of the Breathing Training Centre in Canberra, Australia, is a registered physiotherapist and accredited Buteyko Practitioner. Tess is accepted by the Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health as an approved practitioner trainer.

Professional Qualifications:
Bachelor of Science (University of New South Wales, 1975) Post Graduate Diploma Physiotherapy (Sydney University,1976) Buteyko Practitioner (Stalmatski trained, Sydney, 1993) Diploma of Buteyko Method ( Issued Moscow, 1995) , Advanced Buteyko Method Training (Professor KP Buteyko, Hastings New Zealand 2000)

Professional Memberships:
BIBH Inc (Buteyko Institute of Breathing and Health Incorporated)

Work and Research:
Tess has worked as a physiotherapist since 1976. She has worked within the public and private hospital systems and in private practice. Tess has worked as a practitioner of the Buteyko Method since 1993. She established a dedicated breathing training practice in Canberra in 1993 and is the founder and director of Buteyko Health Solution Pty Ltd. Tess has taught the Buteyko breathing method to over 5000 people. Typically, her workshops in Canberra were booked out for 4-6 weeks in advance. Tess has taught the method to people suffering from asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, COPD, sleep apnoea, snoring, allergies, anxiety disorders and fatigue disorders. Tess has had substantial experience conducting advanced breathing training programs with elite athletes for sports performance enhancement. She has many years of experience lecturing on breathing training and the Buteyko Method to the public, government senators and members, at universities, conferences and conventions, to health professionals, teachers, and to health, sporting and community groups. She has been interviewed extensively for radio, television and print media throughout Australia and overseas. Tess was a member of the research team for the first clinical trial of the Buteyko Method in the western world (Brisbane 1994-1995). Tess is the author of the paper: Self-Management of Asthma through Normalisation of Breathing (1996) and author of the document: Asthma Recent Research Findings (1997). Tess has been involved with research into the Buteyko Method and asthma, and sports performance enhancement. She has conducted seminars and courses on the Buteyko Breathing Method within government departments, university and tertiary institutions.

Personal Experience with Buteyko:
In December 1992, two of her children with medically diagnosed and treated asthma began Buteyko breathing training. Improvement in their asthma began immediately on commencing the breathing exercises, enabling reduction and eventual elimination of both reliever and preventative steroid medication. General health improvements were noted and maintained. Inspired by these profound results for her children, Tess trained as a Buteyko Practitioner in 1993.

Professional Aims:
Tess is committed to improving community health and furthering research into breathing retraining and the Buteyko Method. Tess aims to promote professional development in the Buteyko Method of breathing retraining and to spread knowledge and use of the Buteyko Method worldwide.

Contact Tess Graham
Breathing Training Pty Ltd
PO Box 4393
Manuka ACT 2603

Phone: 02 6232 5222 (Appointments)
Mobile: 0401368197 (Presentations, Seminars, Practitioner Training)
Email: tess@breathingtraining.com.au

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