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Membership of the Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health is available to Buteyko practitioners/breathing trainers who have satisfactorily completed comprehensive academic and practical assessments as required by the BIBH.

Benefits of membership

  • recognition by the public, government and educational bodies of membership to a professional organisation requiring adherence to Codes of Conduct and Practice, teaching and training standards, and mechanisms for feedback and discipline.
  • clients have greater access to private health fund rebates when the practitioner is a BIBH member (Australia only).
  • professional cooperation with fellow practitioners enabling support and advancement of common goals.
  • being part of a professional organisation allows for a political voice to initiate change in the current health system.
  • participation in international conferences for professional development and access to the latest research.
  • beneficiary of pro-active Public Relations support.
  • member name listed on the BIBH register.

Categories of membership

1. Trainee Practitioner

A 'Trainee Practitioner' is a person who is undergoing training in the Buteyko Institute Method to enable them to be a practitioner. Trainee Practitioners are not qualified to teach on an independent basis and are directly supervised by a Practitioner Trainer.

2. Associate Practitioner

An 'Associate Practitioner' is a person undertaking specific professional development training in the Buteyko Institute Method. Associate Practitioners are qualified to teach independently on a restricted basis as prescribed by the BIBH by-laws and remain in indirect consultation with a Practitioner Trainer.

3. Practitioner

A 'Practitioner' has successfully completed all practical and theoretical assessments and has displayed competence in their ability to teach the Buteyko Institute Method. A Practitioner is subject to the BIBH Codes of Conduct, Practice and Disciplinary Procedures.

4. Ordinary member

An ‘Ordinary Member” is a person who supports the objects of the Institute and who is neither a Practitioner Member, Associate Practitioner or Trainee Practitioner Member.

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