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Introduction Committee Members Objectives      
Buteyko Institute of Breathing & Health


  1. To inform individuals, caregivers and the general community about how the Buteyko Institute Method provides a natural and effective system for redressing hyperventilation-related disorders, relieving asthma and improving health and stamina.
  2. To initiate and support research on hyperventilation and its management, by building on the results of the theoretical and practical work of Professor Konstantin P Buteyko (born Russia 1923) and the clinical trial of the Buteyko Institute Method funded by the Australian Association of Asthma Foundations and Buteyko Australia P/L (commenced November 1994). Where appropriate this shall involve the organisation and coordination of research projects as well as contribution to other organisations' research initiatives and dissemination of results.
  3. To train and develop Buteyko Practitioners to provide a high standard of service. This shall involve basic and advanced Buteyko Practitioner training as well as ongoing professional development services for practitioner members.
  4. To propose standards of professional ethical behaviour expected of Practitioners of the Buteyko Institute Method.
  5. To provide educational services and advice for health care workers and community groups to increase the understanding and awareness about breathing related disorders including asthma, which can be relieved and prevented with the application of the Buteyko Institute Method.
  6. To contact and advise government and community agencies on breathing related disorders in order to obtain support and funding for programmes to benefit people suffering from conditions which can be corrected by the Buteyko Institute Method.
  7. To liaise, share and collaborate with health organisations at local, state, national and international levels, with the objective of maximising every opportunity for synergy and the achievement of common goals.

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